Created accidentally but for a full due by a fictional character Comrade Lenov.
This will be a place of a modern bohemian nonchalance, a swing of a ribbon on a dress towards romantic nostalgia. Authorial prints. A little bit of unisex. Natural fabrics. Relaxed life. Fleur of flippancy. Live unretouched photos. And on top of that, a special mood of Comrade Lenov conveyed through clothes.


Velvet trousers
10500 RUB 15000 RUB
Dress Carmen
9440 RUB 11800 RUB
Maxi skirt
5440 RUB 6800 RUB
Satin dress
12600 RUB 18000 RUB
Sequined shirt
10360 RUB 14800 RUB
Wool jacket grey
12000 RUB 24000 RUB
Linen pants
5000 RUB 10000 RUB
Wool trousers
6400 RUB 12800 RUB
Kimono blazer
4500 RUB 9000 RUB
Linen jacket
11000 RUB 22000 RUB
Bomber denim
6900 RUB 13800 RUB